Floorguard products

  • Improve Kitchen Floor Safety

    Floorguard products

    When running a business such as a restaurant, there are many safety considerations that must be taken when designing the location. And certain measures are implemented based on the legal code within a particular city or state. But there are other steps that owners can take to ensure everyone working is safe.

    Floor Safety

    It is a factor that is not considered often enough in professional settings, but the slipperiness of kitchen floors can cause a major issue for restaurants.

    With so many items spilling over the course of a session, there can be situations where a cook, assistant or waiter slips while they are doing their jobs.

    Avoiding Liability

    Not only can such incidents cause someone to get injured or disrupt the service, but they can also lead to lawsuits. Instead of taking on extra liability in these situations, establishments should be doing what is necessary to create a safer environment.

    Floor Coatings

    Using Floorguard products such as the epoxy floor coating can make all the difference. Many people know that such coatings are used to protect the surface from damage or items spilling.

    But what many do not realize is that floor coatings can also improve the grip when walking on a surface. Regardless of the type of soles on shoes worn by the waitstaff and kitchen personnel, traction is better when the floor has a coating on it.

    This can obviously come in handy for restaurants, as the kitchen floor will not be as slippery when liquids and food are spilled. And there is the added benefit of protecting the underlying surface as well.

    Great Color Options

    An establishment can also maintain or improve the aesthetic of its kitchen by adding such floor coatings. They are available in many different colors and designs, which means that you can choose the one that most compliments the way your kitchen looks right now.